Spring Festival holiday notice of YOUNGPOOL Technology

Jan 22, 2022

Under the influence of the epidemic, all industries are in the cold winter of the economy. I hope that the cold winter of this year can slowly recede with the arrival of the New Year and usher in the warm Spring of 2022 !

Spring Festival will come, YOUNGPOOL Technology is ready to go home for the holiday, many employees expect to January 23, on-the-job personnel only 1/2 of at ordinary times, so some services may be delayed until years later back for the arrangement, give you cause inconvenience, small make up on behalf of the company to say sorry, there is demand can telephone contact, Youngpool Technology staff 24 hours for your online service !

The following is the Spring Festival holiday notice of Youngpool Technology, please check~~

In 2022, YOUNGPOOL Technology will break the waves and fight the future !